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Community Stories


05 Dec Laughter Yoga for Stress Relief

It’s relaxing, it’s stress relief and it’s just a lot of fun and I love laughing. Vicky Sickles is giddy at the idea of laughing. She along with 20 other people at Symmes Township Library in Loveland are gathering for a class designed to relieve stress...

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02 Nov Beatles Documentary Surprises,Impresses Viewers

Leslie Kollar: You realize the impact that it had on us, as a nation, as a people.     Cincinnati native Leslie Kollar is thoroughly impressed with film maker Ron Howard’s latest project,  The Beatles: Eight Days a Week the Touring Years. The music documentary about the Fab...

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17 Oct Happening in Northside at Happen Inc.

Tommy Rueff: We want the experience to always be fun for both parents and kids. We always want to teach the 3 E’s. We want to entertain, educate and empower.       Tommy Rueff is the founder of Happen Inc., a place where kids and their parents share...

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Photo: Cheri Lawson

20 May Cincinnati Hip-Hop Duo Inspiring Kids

Adam Hayden: We’re telling stories to kids but with a rhythmic twist instead of just sitting down opening up the book and talking we put on the beat and we rap the stories. The Corner Rap..I want this book , I want that book….We have a...

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19 May Rocking Vintage Guitars in Cincinnati

Rocking Vintage Guitars in Cincinnati Reeder:Because I really got to know vintage guitars I got to meet people and bands. Oasis was here, Sheryl Crow, Black Crows , Bob Dylan, Z Z Top, bunch of different bands. Mike Reeder is obsessed with music and vintage guitars. The musician-songwriter from Cold Spring, Kentucky plays in different bands and is recognized as a go to guy when it comes to vintage guitars. Surrounded by hundreds of guitars Mike is tuning a 1932 Gibson L-O.
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