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18 Aug Keep listening on 105.9 (for now)…

Dear fans, friends, and supporters; A sad and nostalgic moment has come. 89.7 FM, as of approximately 10:45 AM on 8/18/17, is no longer broadcasting WNKU. HOWEVER, 89.7 mHz is merely a frequency on the spectrum. The music and community of WNKU lives on via 105.9 FM...

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02 Feb ArtBeat with Pam Kravetz

  We like to check in with local art educator and artist Pam Kravetz each month for her recommendations on art openings, exhibitions, and hidden gems in Greater Cincinnati's vibrant arts community. Here's what she recommended recently...

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20 Jan Fifty Tones of Gray film sequel Richer writer is EL David’ husband, male view

Lots of people now choose that they want hamster, cat, or your pet dog. But every occasionally, there's somebody who asks: "Mama, Dad, can I get yourself a guinea pig?" This short article gives a to you -by- coaching on persuade and the best way to precisely add your parents to obtain you a pig. Advertisement Steps 1 Study guinea pig attention. Get online a number of websites that talk about guinea pigs, (there are various) and study what you should dependence on it. I'll inform you today pigs are pets that want plenty of research on attention, thus be mindful not to just soar in, even if your parents previously said yes.

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