WNKU | Laughter Yoga for Stress Relief
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05 Dec Laughter Yoga for Stress Relief

It’s relaxing, it’s stress relief and it’s just a lot of fun and I love laughing.

Vicky Sickles is giddy at the idea of laughing. She along with 20 other people at Symmes Township Library in Loveland are gathering for a class designed to relieve stress by laughing for no reason. Sound crazy? Certified Laughter Yoga instructor Judi Winall says…it’s actually very therapeutic.laughter25

Judi: It strengthens the immune system, it can lower blood pressure, it can relieve pain by increasing endorphins, it helps to oxygenate the body. It can cleanse the respiratory system.laughter5

The stress reduction technique was developed in the early 1990’s by a medical doctor in India. And no you won’t see people doing down dog and laughing  hysterically . Judi says the yoga part is stretching and deep breathing.laughter2

Laughter exercises are combined with deep breathing because if you laugh too hard ,too long, too much you can become exhausted and it actually creates the exact opposite  results that you want so you have to take breaks with breathing and stretching.

On this night Judi is leading the group through playful exercises like clapping and chanting and pretending to laugh into their cell phones and laugh at their credit card bills . 55- year- old Dean Fox is  caretaker for his mom who has Parkinson’s Disease .He had no idea what to expect . He just said he needed it. laughter3

I just came for a good time and laughter and whatever happens. I hope it’s a peak experience basically


Based on the idea laughter is the best medicine ,laughter yoga is now in 105 countries with thousands of laughter yoga clubs around the world…At the end of the class everyone returns to a seat and Judi leads a calming meditation. Relaxed and rejuvenated participants leave with a smile.