WNKU | Beatles Documentary Surprises,Impresses Viewers
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02 Nov Beatles Documentary Surprises,Impresses Viewers

Leslie Kollar: You realize the impact that it had on us, as a nation, as a people.




Cincinnati native Leslie Kollar is thoroughly impressed with film maker Ron Howard’s latest project,  The Beatles: Eight Days a Week the Touring Years. The music documentary about the Fab Four has had repeat customers and kudos from most viewers. Ron Freemas was in town from Philadelphia. He and Judi Roth were entertained and also surprised by the footage Howard put together from the early 1960’s.


Ron: Everyone thinks of them, that they’re the Beatles. They were great they were amazing. But it wasn’t all fun and games.

Judi: I think it really made the Beatles become real people to me. I felt really sorry for them in many ways. We had no idea. We just wanted to be a part of them.

The film features many aspects of the Beatles early touring days including their first trip to the United States and a 1964 appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.beatles3


Amy: You couldn’t understand their concerts because of the girls screaming so crazily. Their message and their music wasn’t actually what made people love them. It was just them,


33 year old Amy Latessa says she saw the film because she was curious about the live footage and what was referred to as “the British Invasion.”

Viewers at The Esquire Theater in Clifton including Jeff and Pam Smith and Ricky Hackle shared their  impressions of the film.beatles2

The quantity of good music they put out was impressive. They really liked each other and respected each other.beatles7 I don’t think they really understood how big and popular they were until they seen the reaction the crowd gave to them especially when they came to America.