WNKU | Sisters,Separated as Embryos,Become Best Friends
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17 Oct Sisters,Separated as Embryos,Become Best Friends


Jamie and Piper: When we first met we had the same teeth missing. Her two teeth here are curved in and mine are too. And we both like gymnastics a lot .And we like American Girl dolls.frozen6


Jamie Benassi and Piper Joseph are biological sisters but have only known each other a little over a year. The girls were separated as embryos a little more than 10 years ago .

The 9 and 10 year olds sit next to each other on Jamie’s bed in Newtown, Ohio talking about their favorite bands, spending the night and going shopping.

Jamie: We also like to get clothes that are the same. Piper: We do we like to be matching a lot.frozen22

Jamie’s parents Tom and Allison knew before they were married they wanted children but when the time came getting pregnant wasn’t easy. Tom says Allison miscarried several times .Finally they connected with the Institute for Reproductive Health in Cincinnati and were able to have Jamie through in vitro fertilization.

Tom Benassi: I get emotional every time I talk about Jamie. We’re very lucky. We got a very tough little girl. Very happy.frozen3jpg




The Benassis were so thrilled to be parents their full attention was on their newborn . There were still 5 of the Benassi embryos.  Allison Benassi says she and Tom were surprised to learn a couple from La Grange,Kentucky wanted to adopt their frozen embryos.

Allison Benassi: I didn’t know that someone else could carry your embryo. We were open to it. We never thought what’s gonna happen down the road if we meet. We were just mainly thinking we’re gonna give someone else an option. It’s a peace of mind we try to help somebody else.frozen7


Embryo adoption was a new concept to Rhonda and David Joseph as well. The Josephs had exhausted all options for having a baby. Rhonda says in 2004 embryo adoption sounded like science fiction to her . But she talked about the concept with her doctors.frozen2


Rhonda Joseph: I felt in my heart that this was our answered prayer.I knew that soon and very soon I was gonna have a baby .

David Joseph says Rhonda gave birth to Piper Nicole in December 2005 about a year after Jamie was born.


David Joseph: We now have 2 families. We have sisters that not only look alike . They act alike.frozen9


The girls are sisters and the best of friends. They admit to sibling rivalry and mainly wish they could see each other more.


We don’t communicate as much when we’re away.

Cause normally we get together every like two weekends apart. We’ve been trying to do that a lot more.