WNKU | Happening in Northside at Happen Inc.
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17 Oct Happening in Northside at Happen Inc.

happen79Tommy Rueff: We want the experience to always be fun for both parents and kids. We always want to teach the 3 E’s. We want to entertain, educate and empower.




Tommy Rueff is the founder of Happen Inc., a place where kids and their parents share experiences through art and it’s free. The non-profit organization in Cincinnati’s Northside neighborhood recently celebrated 17 years with a birthday party where everyone joined in a cake walk orchestrated by Tommy.


Andy Overton: They had a day where they talked about bees and another day where they talked about earth worms and you got to do earth worm races and that was really fun .

Larkin Overton: Well..making the airplanes was awesome. It’s free so it’s not like something we only get to do once in a while.happen7654


Larkin Overton and her dad, Andy are two of the hundreds who’ve participated in Happen Inc. programs. Like most regulars they consider Tommy Rueff a hero . The artist and former advertising agent along with a small staff and a team of volunteers enjoy seeing parents and kids having fun together. Tommy says Happen Inc. utilizes music to help families connect.

Rueff: A lot of the music is old theme songs to TV shows. And the kids don’t know em’. But they enjoy em’. But really the connection is when a parent hears the theme song of “Green Acres” or “I dream of Jeannie”,they make a connection with their childhood and then it is automatic they will turn to their child and say this song is what I watched when I was growing up.

Tasha Hopey: It helps keep the kids out of trouble and off the streets .Leylah: It’s fun and we do crafts and we have fun activities. Syrus:I was just having fun with it.


Tasha Hopey, Leylah and Syrus have all had a chance to be part of Happen Inc.There are 8 programs and  room for children from ages 3-17.

Tommy Rueff credits his mom with the name.


Tommy:When I was smaller she was always like you can do anything . You can make it happen. That’s where the name Happen Incorporated came from.