WNKU | Barb Abney: Getting Reacquainted With Short Vine
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Bogarts Marquee

15 Oct Barb Abney: Getting Reacquainted With Short Vine

While I’m home helping WNKU during the member drive, I decided to check out some of my old haunts.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Bogarts 10/14

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Bogarts 10/14

It’s been over a decade since I’ve seen a show at Bogartsso that seemed like a good place to start. As luck would have it, Friday night featured an incredible triple-bill with Deap Vally, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Death From Above 1979. I’ve been a big fan of BRMC and DFA1979 for a long time and have never seen either. It was kismet!

Wow! Has short Vine changed! I remember when they tore down the Perkins on the corner. Back then, we all lamented the ability to walk across the street and grab an omelette after a show. Imagine my surprise when I tried to park in my old spot behind Sudsy Malone’s and the lot wasn’t there anymore! Once I did find parking, I was shocked to find “Sudsys” itself was gone! As I looked up and down short Vine I was impressed with the upkeep and cleanliness of the street. It was a stark but welcome change to how it looked just a decade ago.

The colorful "new" entrance to Bogarts

The colorful “new” entrance to Bogarts

I’d heard talk about Bogarts making some cosmetic changes. A while back, my friends in Atmosphere had even sent me a photo of the new floor. I was pleased by how much more accommodating the structure appears both inside and out! There’s more lighting and cleaner fixtures than ever before. There are large, clear signs pointing you towards the restrooms and smoking area. And the restrooms are pretty amazing, as well *note: I didn’t think it proper to pull out my phone and take a picture while in the restroom.

While the club wasn’t fully sold out, the crowd was generating some serious heat so I stepped outside for a little cool air and was pleased to find  the “smoking area” to be a nice little oasis from the club itself. Well done Bogarts! Now let’s talk about what’s happened to McMillan Street!

At the show I ran into a handful of old friends who told me about how much they love WNKU and I reminded them how important it is to not only love the station but to support it, as well! I’ll be spreading these words to my friends all over Cincinnati over the next week and I hope you’ll help me do the same!

– Barb Abney


Barb Abney is our guest this week, as she has returned to her hometown of Cincinnati to participate in WNKU’s Fall Membership Drive. Her history in noncommercial and commercial radio in Cincinnati and beyond goes back 22 years, including time on the mic at 97X/WOXY as well as ten years at Minnesota Public Radio’s station, The Current.