WNKU | Local Discovery of the Month: Nick D’ & the Believers
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02 Jun Local Discovery of the Month: Nick D’ & the Believers

This month’s Local Discovery is from Columbus, Ohio, just up I-71.  Nick D’ and the Believers are Nick D’Andrea (singer), Joseph Barker (producer/drummer), and Kerry Henderson (guitar). They started making a name for themselves with a single and video for “Find A Little Love.” Since then, they’ve had songs on national TV shows such as Pretty Little Liars (ABC), Blood & Oil (ABC), and Benched (USA).  The band released their third EP “Wanted” in 2015.  They are currently finishing up the recording of a fourth EP.

Nick D & The Believers subscribe to the John Lennon Method: write a chorus, then make it the verse and write a better chorus.  “We want to blend the two worlds of lyrics driven folk and everyman pop hooks. We comb through every song until it doesn’t have any fat.” says singer Nick D’Andrea.

Of course, they’re also from Ohio. D’Andrea says “Ohio has a dirtier sound that’s not glamorous, we leave that grit in the music. Lyrically, it’s not all sunshine, there’s a tinge of angst and cynicism.”

Producer/Drummer, Joseph Barker adds, ” The Black Keys are certainly an influence across the board too. Sonically, their big drums and guitar rock with hooky riffs and literary lyrics is similar to our sound. They’re also Ohio boys like us, with a gritty heartland feel. They have a sort of warmth and community that they create around them. They’re casual, fun regular midwest guys who happen to put on a killer rock show. We like that style.”

Tune in to WNKU throughout the month to hear music and stories from Nick D’ & the Believers.