WNKU | Northside Rock’n’Roll Carnival Band Lineup
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24 May Northside Rock’n’Roll Carnival Band Lineup


The Northside Rock’n’Roll Carnival has been a part of one of the most unique and beloved 4th of July celebrations in town, featuring incredible local and regional talent for 10 years. This year’s event, taking place at Hoffner Park July 1-4 (and as always, FREE) looks to be as awesome as ever. We’re excited to announce the 30+ band lineup (featuring some of our Local Discoveries) and look forward to seeing you at the Carnival! Learn more about the Carnival (including how to volunteer) at www.northsiderocks.com or by checking out their Facebook page.



6:00 The Vallures (Bloomington, Indiana)

8:00 Pleasure Leftists (Cleveland)

9:00 Yugos

10:00 Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (Baltimore)

11:00 Archie and the Bunkers (Cleveland)

12:00 Chain and the Gang (Washington, D.C.)


3:00 D.S.A.

3:30 Cough It Up

4:00 Leggy

4:30 Slippery Lips

5:00 Swim Team

5:30 Kate Wakefield

6:00 Black Planet

6:30 Darlene

7:00 1-800-BAND (NYC)

7:30 Dinge

8:00 Varsity (Chicago)

8:30 Smut

9:00 Service (ex-We Are Hex/Blues Explosion)(Indianapolis/NYC)

10:00 Wray (Birmingham)

11:00 Dilly Dally (Toronto)

12:00 Nots (Memphis)


6:00 Go Go Buffalo

6:30 Birdie Hearse

7:00 Lung

7:30 Molly Sullivan

8:00 Moira

8:30 Mr Phlyzz

9:00 Mad Anthony

10:00 Tweens

11:00 Ex-Cult (Memphis)

12:00 White Reaper (Louisville)

Monday July 4
5:00 School of Rock

6:00 Dawg Yawp 

7:00 Lemon Sky

8:00 Electric Citizen