WNKU | Cincinnati Hip-Hop Duo Inspiring Kids
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20 May Cincinnati Hip-Hop Duo Inspiring Kids

mctill9Adam Hayden: We’re telling stories to kids but with a rhythmic twist instead of just sitting down opening up the book and talking we put on the beat and we rap the stories.

The Corner Rap..I want this book , I want that book….We have a problem ,how to pick which book, I don’t know, I don’t know. What should we do? We don’t know.

Adam Hayden and Vern Fields use hip-hop music to inspire kids to read and explore the world around them through the arts. Known as “The Corner’’ the duo performs for audiences at schools, libraries and in neighborhoods.

Joi Burton: The Corner, they were really cool and they were funny.

At Armleder School in downtown Cincinnati, Joi Burton giggles with her classmates at the duo. The eight-year-old says one of their raps was especially catchy.

Joi: Pick up the towel. Pick up the towel..giggle

The Corner Rap: Pick up your towel, pick up your towel, pick up your towel that you threw on the ground.

Photo: Cheri Lawson

Photo: Cheri Lawson

Cammie Montgomery: The messages that he shares with the students, not only is it fun but it is also inspiring, teaches them some life lessons but also ways to celebrate one another and get along.

Cammie Montgomery, Principal at Armleder says this isn’t the first time the school has welcomed the rappers to share with the students.


Photo: Cheri Lawson

The Corner :I Like to Read…students echo: I LIKE TO READ!!!

Vern Fields: Often times hip-hop brings up this idea of the street. Being outdoors,it kind of started in the streets. And so we wanted to paint this really positive picture of the corner. People out on the corner doing good things, you know reading books to kids,being a positive influence on kids.And just ,hey come to The Corner ,let’s read and let’s have a goodtime.