WNKU | Rocking Vintage Guitars in Cincinnati
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19 May Rocking Vintage Guitars in Cincinnati

Rocking Vintage Guitars in Cincinnati

Reeder:Because I really got to know vintage guitars I got to meet people and bands. Oasis was here, Sheryl Crow, Black Crows , Bob Dylan, Z Z Top, bunch of different bands.

Mike Reeder is obsessed with music and vintage guitars. The musician-songwriter from Cold Spring, Kentucky plays in different bands and is recognized as a go to guy when it comes to vintage guitars. Surrounded by hundreds of guitars Mike is tuning a 1932 Gibson L-O.


Reeder: There some of the best made acoustics ever, Yeah this is a 30’s pre-war Gibson. They change things over the years. This model didn’t exist after the 40’s . Mike is a vintage guitar appraiser for the Kentucky Collectibles TV show where he also interviews musicians like Vince Gill. For 20 years he’s been a contributing appraiser for the vintage guitar price guide and recently was the subject of a documentary focusing on his music ,his life, his knowledge and his vintage guitar stores where people come from around the world.

Reeder: So Fleetwood Mac was in town and they were looking for a birthday present for Lindsey Buckingham. And they wanted a nice Vintage Martin so I helped them find a cool vintage tenor for him.


CL: What’s it like for you to be advising some pretty name musicians and bands?

Reeder : It’s  crazy for me actually. Sometimes people I admire and are amazing ,talented people call me and ask what I think. time when Grace Potter was in town they came in ,it was her birthday.They wanted to buy her a guitar so they made her close her eyes.(She’s told this story a few times) When she first got her Flying V she got it from me and I got to put guitars on her when she stood there with her eyes closed and she didn’t even know it was a Flying V . So she picked it out with her eyes closed and that’s how they ended making  her signature guitar her Flying V.

Reeder doesn’t take for granted that part of his job is interacting with rock stars like Joe Walsh, Bob Dylan and Stone Temple pilots to name a few. And he’s also looking forward to releasing his own solo album this year.